About the Professional Assistance Committee


The purpose of the Professional Assistance Committee is to assist members of the medical staff (including residents) who may be at risk of becoming impaired due to the use of alcohol or drugs, emotional distress or a physical disability. The Professional Assistance Committee serves as a resource and an advocate for the physician experiencing these kinds of problems. Anyone that is concerned about a physician's health or well-being is encouraged to call the Professional Assistance Committee for advice and consultation.


The Professional Assistance Committee is non-disciplinary. It is not part of any peer review process. It was formed to be a resource and an advocate for physicians who are experiencing problems.


Staff members and physicians may call the PAC confidentiality. If a physician self-reports for assistance the PAC can offer assistance in complete confidence. If a staff member wishes to make a report or find out more about the Committee, they can call and discuss their situation anonymously. The Committee will never act on information unless it has been verified by an independent source other than the initial caller.


The services of the Professional Assistance Committee are available to all members of the medical staff, including residents, at no cost. If an individual is referred to treatment then we would utilize their health insurance benefit to pay for that care. For information or to setup an appointment, please call 410-328-5860.

Professional Assistance Committee • University of Maryland Medical System
419 W. Redwood St., Suite 560, Baltimore, MD 21201 • 410-328-5860

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